Quality is the foundation on which Vege-Fiber.  we’ve continuously improved our process, and aggressively implemented product safety and quality systems to ensure all products that leave our doors are safe and secure.
The quality and safety of our meals is our top priority. Here are just some of the instructions we take to ensure that the Vege-Fiber products you buy are safe and healthy.
Our growth depends on supporting our staff safety and ensuring the foods we make are safe to eat. We work tirelessly to achieve world-class safety standards for the foods we sell and the environment in which our people work.
Our success also depends on the trust of our consumers and customers. That’s why we’ve put in place strong food safety and quality systems for our ingredients and our products. And we continue to listen to our stakeholders – colleagues, consumers, customers and regulators – so we can make our systems better.
For Quailty:
1. We live up to the standards and expectations of Our Quality Policy, penned under the direction of Vege-Fiber:
2. We shall produce products and provide services at all times that exceed the expectations of our customers
3. We work to be unique in market and to have equal or more quality to our competitors
4. Our commitment is to be increasingly excellent
5. Contribution to quality is responsibility shared by everyone in the Vege-Fiber company
For safety:
1.Materials: We follow Strict procedures and auditing processes to ensure we select safe, high quality and fresh raw materials  to make all your favorite taste. This includes defining specifications for the materials we use, and performing checks to ensure they always comply with the most stringent regulations and the latest scientific knowledge.
2.Quality control:
– All ingredients are processed in a production system that fully integrates the management of everything from washing the raw material to packaging the finished product. Raw materials and finished products are stored individually in separate, compartmentalized zones, with temperatures ranging from +5o C to -60o C to ensure freshness.
– The entrance ways to the rooms processing food are all equipped with air showers, antiseptic tanks, automatic curtains and other hygienic safety devices. Food safety and security is controlled under strict adherence to HACCP procedures that involve data collection and storage of the results of the bacterial, scientific and organoleptic testing we conduct on every sample we collect.
– our employees are trained to fully adhere to the principles of good food hygiene.
– Packaging has a vital role to play in ensuring our products reach consumers in a safe condition.
– Our packaging is designed with safety in mind. The packaging make specially to protect our product in transit and protect your customer from potential injury.
– We use environmentally friendly packaging and striving to minimize the environmental impacts of our activities. From the reduction of plastics, water and more, we strive to offer the best products to our customers while also creating a future we all believe in.
– We are committed to increasing transparency and helping you understand what’s in your food.
5. Work place:
– Full commitment to prevent injuries, ill health & environmental pollution across all workplaces.
– Providing a safe and appropriate working environment for employees .
– Providing a great place to work in a collaborative environment, where our people live our Mission, Vision and Values Every Day
6. Community
– Supporting the areas where we live and work through volunteerism and charitable donations
– We are committed to conducting our business in a safe and secure style that also save energy and water, reduce waste and emissions, and promote the conservation of natural resources. We also strive to have a positive impact on the communities where we conduct our operations.